Historic Refurbished Moathouse Cottage -

The birthplace of Sir Henry Parkes

These beautifully refurbished cottages enjoy a strong taste of Australian and British History.

Since purchasing and restoring half of Moat House Cottage in 1997, we have negotiatied with Coventry Council to allow us to take on the other half of the building and fully restore it.

In December 2009 we reached an agreement to take over the remainder of the original farm building where Henry Parkes was born in 1815. We almost imediately started the slow process of refurbishing this ancient building and you can now experience living in it for yourself.

Whether you have an interest in Sir Henry Parkes or just want to live in an original period cottage and enjoy all the history that Coventry and Warwickshire have to offer, you are more than welcome to apply.

We have an original of this picture

in our snug, which was given to us by

Parkes Council during our visit in 2001

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